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The Process


Thank you for your interest in our furniture. We at The GoodTimber, Inc. take our work very seriously. We focus on quality, hand crafted, American made beautiful rustic log products for our customers.

We will do our very best to build you a quality product that you can enjoy for years to come. We value customer services and devote a great amount of time and expense to bring our customers the easiest and effective way to ensure our customers order what they want, including all add-ons, to fit their unique budget and style.

When building our rustic log furniture, we start by hand selecting only the best logs to build with from local aspen and pine forests. Each log is inspected to ensure quality building material before entering our facilities. We then hand peel each log with a drawknife. Each log is then hand sanded to a smooth log. Our furniture is all quality controlled mortise and tennon construction, as shown in the picture to your right. We build with large mortise and tennon construction to ensure stability and longevity.

Each of our products are fully assembled during the building process for accuracy. These are then inspected by a minimum of three people to ensure quality; the sander, the builder, and the construction manager on site. If the piece is to be finished, it is then partially disassembled and moved into our finish room. Here a trained finisher will spray our Benjamin Moore brand, water based polyurethane to each piece. This process can take up to three days, depending on the piece and amount of finish being used. When the product is ready, it is moved to our shipping department to be packaged and shipped to our customers.


Yours Truly,

G.Tom Jewkes

Grant trimming an incomplete single drawer nightstand. Building furniture the right way isn't something just anyone can do.


Nathan Mitchell, the star of the new motion picture "Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration", is one of our VERY best hands.


Tanner, a great example of a GoodTimber perfectionist.


AJ making sure every detail is just right on his next GoodTimber project.


Corey working on one of our beautiful dressers.


David cutting down these beautiful aspen logs to start his build.


Dakota, carefully applying finish.


A portion of our facilities, where we focus on ensuring our customers receive the highest 
quality furniture. We love what we do and it shows in our work.


Want log furniture that is beautiful?

We offer many beautiful styles of log furniture, including aspen, cedar and lodgepole pine because every customer has their own taste and budget. But our personal favorite is building from aspen logs. Aspen logs are naturally filled with color variations, worm holes and other markings. They are beautiful and unique and we love the works of art we can create with them.

Can't afford to spend a fortune on your log furniture?

We at the GoodTimber strive to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing the quality that we believe each of our customers deserve. We also offer many styles of log furniture so you can find the designs that best fit your taste and budget. We have done our research and haven't found another company with our prices and quality. That's why we feel confident when we say NO ONE HAS A BETTER VALUE!

Looking for log furniture that is high quality and built to last?

We have seen all kinds of log furniture and we choose to offer only the best. Each of our log beds come with the entire bed frame built from logs and lumber. Each bed is built using 100% mortise and tenon construction ensuring that each of our customers receives sturdy, long-lasting furniture. In addition, all of our cabinetry is built from solid alder or pine and trimmed in logs to match our other furniture. We do not use veneer of any kind. And each piece is built one at a time ensuring the time and commitment from our experienced builders necessary to bring our customers the quality log furniture they deserve.

Don't risk buying from "backyard" builders!

Put over 30 years of experience in the log furniture business to work for you. Our log furniture is of such outstanding quality that we are now the exclusive manufacturer of FIELD & STREAM ® log furniture. And we will be here in 10, 20 or even 50 years from now when you want to order additional matching pieces of furniture or if you have questions about your existing furniture. BUY FROM SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST! Our reviews and our history say it all!

Please note:

Please remember that rustic furniture is a very characteristic brand of furniture, we say regular furniture is a science, & log furniture is an art. Therefore, when a customer gets a piece, it will be somewhat abstract & different, causing beautiful curves, WOOD CHECKING, knots, warps in wood, & very inconsistent on measurements & spacing. We're sure you will appreciate this uniqueness & realize that this is the type of furniture that was bought. We do not expect you to ignore a problem, if it occurs, but once in a while, people will see this type of art and natural beauty as a mistake, not realizing that this is the rusticity and beauty of this type of furniture. Fortunately, most of our customers are appreciative; we do attract the nicest and best customers in the nation! Insects Note of little caution. The Aspen & Logdgepole logs we use come from high altitudes, and this sometimes creates a problem - especially in the winter months, but also throughout the year. Ants & leaf eater bees often venture through these types of wood during the summertime leaving their beautiful markings, which are the natural creations that we look for and sometimes have trouble finding. When we harvest wood, we spend extra time sifting through & passing up lots of wood of the wrong age or with too little character. We look most for the pieces where the insects have left their beautiful designs. Sometimes, however, these insects will hibernate inside the logs and there is no way for us to see them without cutting into them. Most often, we notice these insects and leave those logs behind. However, we estimate that these hibernating ants and bees will go unnoticed in 1 out of 300 logs that we use. This can be a problem to some people. In the past, they have not been harmful or even pesky. In fact, in our experience, the leaf eater bee's sting has not been as harsh as the sting of the more commonly known carpenter bee. But some people are very allergic to such insects. If this is the case with you, we would recommend that you do not buy rustic furniture or , at least, watch your furniture closely in a warm environment for a couple weeks before bringing it into your home. As we have stated before, this has not been a big problem, but it has always been an issue for rustic furniture builders. Although most rustic furniture builders would not mention this problem, we give you this insert not due to complaints, but because we want to be overly cautious. We hope that this warning does not distract from the beauty & character of rustic furniture that has been in our nations heritage for centuries.