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The Log Furniture Site Blog

Simple Tips for Choosing Log Furniture


Log furniture are great investments for your home. The natural beauty and quality construction of these furniture pieces ensure that you and your family will enjoy the furniture for years to come. What is important is that you carefully select the pieces that will fit your lifestyle and your desired look.

Here are some tips to remember when choosing log furniture for your home:

  • Consider size and proportion. What kind of space do you have? Remember, with the versatility of log furniture, you can use it not just in your log cabin in the woods but also your home in the city. The furniture pieces you choose must be in proportion with the rest of the room. This prevents the furniture from overpowering the rest of the design elements on the room and making the room feel crowded and cramped. On the other hand, if your room is spacious, with high ceilings or if there are larger-than-life elements such as large wooden beams on the ceiling or log-covered walls, the furniture must also be large as well, so that the furniture does not look inconsequential. Consider your space and aim for a room that is proportional, with no one element overwhelming the rest.
  • Choose colors that complement your room. Log furniture has its own natural color. The pieces from The GoodTimber are not finished with veneer but with Benjamin Moore finish, which provides a protective layer without changing the color of the wood. You can choose from cedar, lodgepole pine and aspen. Cedar is more on the reddish-brown shade, while lodgepole pine logs tend to be lighter. Meanwhile, aspen logs are light to medium brown with dark brown markings. You should carefully consider what wooden hues provide a great complement to your desired color scheme.
  • Aim for unity and diversity with the other design elements. Aim for a unified look that centers around a single theme. If you would like a rustic design, go for log furniture with oversized logs. Add some rustic knick-knacks on the shelf and coffee table. If you prefer a more contemporary style, you can still use log furniture but this time, you can use more delicate logs or add them as trimmings on a cushioned sofa. At the same time, do not go for a single color theme but mix and match colors so that the overall result is aesthetically pleasing and not boring. For instance, in a vintage-themed room with a sofa shabby chic set, you can add a pair of log stools to add some variation to the look.
  • Take note of the purpose of the furniture. If you would like to have alogdining table, make sure that the wood is water resistant. Cabinets, armoires or other similar pieces of furniture should ideally have toe kicks as an added safety precaution, especially if you are placing the furniture in areas with high traffic such as the foyer and the kitchen. As a general rule, you should go for a rustic color scheme with beiges, browns, tans and dark greens. For darker wood, you could use a color theme that includes rich autumn colors such as darks oranges and golden yellows. For furniture that is to be used outdoors, choose cedar and pine, which are very durable and can withstand the changes in the weather. These are also water resistant and are not prone to warping.
  • Think about the furniture’s weight. If you plan on using log furniture on a condo unit or in a remote cabin in the woods, check the weight of the furniture, especially the large ones. Your cabin may be hard to reach and transport of the furniture may be more challenging.
  • Go with a trusted and reputable manufacturer. Look for quality, finely crafted log furniture, that their makers consider their very own work of art. The GoodTimber provides you with excellent value-for-money log furniture products that are also known for its beautiful craftsmanship. All pieces are made using tennon and mortise construction for extra durability. These pieces are made from carefully selected logs, hand-crafted and inspected.
  • Remember your budget. These furniture pieces can be considered good investments. However, you still need to stick to your budget. The cost of the furniture will usually depend on the type of wood you choose as well as additional options you incorporate (i.e. more rungs, additional bedrails, etc.). Pine will be the most affordable but also least durable. Meanwhile, aspen as a gorgeous and durable type of wood, but it is also the most expensive. 

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