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Using Log Furniture for Interior Decorating


Log home furniture provides its special brand of charm. Perhaps this is brought about by the simple beauty and uniqueness of the wood, as well as the passion that the makers put into fashioning it into pieces of furniture. Indeed, well-made, handcrafted log furnishings are works of art in their own right. They make for interesting conversation pieces, but most importantly, they provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Log cabin furniture can be used in your cabin or lodge, as well as in your den or other parts of the home. Here are some decorating tips when using rustic furniture to decorate your home:

  • -Know your design peg. If you are fairly new at decorating your home, feel free to browse through magazines that feature the rustic style, log cabin style or modern cottage style to find decorating ideas. You do not have to exactly copy what you find in the magazines but finding examples of what you want can help.
  • -Incorporate your personality and sense of style. Even as you look at other people’s ideas of how to decorate with log furniture, your own personal sense of aesthetics should shine through. This adds your personal touch to a room, making it uniquely yours. You can go with one style or try to mix and match, depending on your own personality.
  • -Go for quality furniture. Carefully choose log furniture pieces that are crafted by those who are committed to providing quality pieces. The workmanship and quality of your furniture pieces can go a long way in lending the room with style. The furniture can be the accent pieces or the highlights of the room.
  • -Add related accessories. Do not go overboard with a certain theme! The walls, flooring and furniture can convey a rustic theme. The rest of the accessories should not compete with these basics, rather, these should complement. For instance, on plain walls, you can add wood picture frames, wildlife or scenic paintings or prints, wood-framed mirrors, deer antlers and stone accents. Other accessories you can use include quilts, wildlife items such as pottery, some plants, a few books on the table, baskets that can act as magazine holders or planters and throw rugs. Do not put a lot of clutter on the walls, on the shelves or coffee tables. Remember, the overall atmosphere should reflect simplicity and tranquility.
  • -Choose your color combinations wisely. Neutral and earth colors are the ideal choices since they are in keeping with a rustic and relaxed theme. These colors match the log furniture well. However, you can also add touches of color that can brighten the room. If you do not have wooden ceilings or floors, you can paint the walls with creamy beige, autumn colors, spruce green, warm brown or brick red. Keep accessories in neutral colors, with occasional splashes of bright colors for variation.
  • -Use soft, natural light. As much as possible, try to bring the outdoors in with natural lighting. Use light and airy curtains, rather than those that use heavy fabric. You can also add light sconces on the wall and neutral-tone lampshades as accent lighting. If you have dark wood walls, you may need to use strong lighting to offset the walls at night time.