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The History of Log Furniture


Log cabins have been around since 3500 BC. But the Westward expansion in the United States in the 1800’s brought a large increase in the building of such cabins. These cabins were necessary since the pioneers of the expansion did not have much in the way of tools and machinery to build their homes. Once the cabins were built, there was very little to furnish them with…so, the inhabitants began constructing log furniture. 

These early forms of log furniture were similar to the more rustic forms of log furniture found today in that they were built directly from the raw trees found in nature. The sturdiness of the furniture was an asset to the settlers as well as the longevity of it. Even when the first cities began to be built in the West, log furniture remained popular because of its reminder of the calmness of the outdoors. 

Today, log furniture still holds with it that feeling of comfort as it pulls us away from the busyness of modern life and gives us the rugged feeling that the country provides. Although log furniture today is often found in the retreat towns outside of our modern day cities, it is becoming more and more popular within the walls of everyday homes. It is a symbol of slowing down, resting up, and remembering the things that are important in our lives.