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Log Cabin Furniture and Their Popularity


Log cabin furniture, with its natural appeal, will never go out of style. In fact, this type of furniture has been experiencing a surge in popularity. The logs give the furniture pieces its unique flair and personality. Indeed, with log furniture, no two pieces are ever alike. In addition, the bigger-than-life logs provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Here are some reasons for log home furniture’s popularity:

  • Unique look and feel. If you are looking for a space that offers you peace and tranquility, log furniture pieces are just the thing. The furniture pieces exude a certain strength, a sense of history and stability. These pieces also evoke images straight from a Norman Rockwell scene, which is all about warm-hearted goodness, caring and family harmony. The great thing is that you do not have to have your very own cabin in the woods to get this “Norman Rockwell effect”. With log furniture, you can recreate this scene in your condo unit or suburban home.
  • Combination of comfort and style. Of course, the log structure does not sacrifice comfort for the sake of its natural style. The manufacturing process ensures that you can lie snug and secure on your rustic bed or laze on your sofa without worrying about uncomfortable bumps and grooves. For flat surfaces, we make use of quality kiln-dried lumber with additional support as necessary. You also have the option to add cushioning for extra comfort. The furniture can also be customized based on your personal style and preferences – the type of wood (cedar, aspen or pine), the patterns on the head or footboards, the type of logs (regular or oversized) or wood trims.
  • Quality craftsmanship. What sets log furniture pieces apart is that it is not mass-produced, but is handmade by expert craftsmen. These furniture pieces are built to last and to be loved for generations. The logs are hand selected, inspected, hand peeled and hand sanded for quality logs that have a smooth texture. The logs and kiln-dried lumber are assembled into solid furniture using mortise and tennon construction. If finishing is required, we do not use veneers. Instead, we only use the Benjamin Moore brand of finishing. Before the furniture even leaves the facility, it is inspected by at least three team members.
  • Historical heritage. Log furniture is very much part of American History, when the first homesteaders explored the vast land that is the United States and built their log cabins in the early 18th century. The settlers started by making their own log furniture. However, by the 19th century, the art and craftsmanship of log furniture making was part of the American tradition.
  • Natural beauty. Wood has a special quality that makes a space come alive. The sanding process simply highlights the logs’ qualities and peculiarities – its knots, knobs and irregular grains.
  • Versatility. The natural look of the furniture pieces allow you to fit it to a variety of interior decorating styles – rustic, traditional, vintage, contemporary and eclectic. These pieces can be used both indoors and indoors. There are pieces designed for use in various parts of the house, from the bedroom, the living room, dining room or den. Other pieces are also great for the patio, the garden and the backyard barbeque area.