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An Introduction to Log Furniture


As far as furniture goes, log furniture is a species all its own. It was, in fact, the first primitive form of furniture. But despite its early beginnings, it has endured the test of time.

Log furniture is beautiful and simple, yet unique. It lends itself to environments that are calm, inviting and comforting. It is the style-of-choice for many log homes, cabins, retreats, and second residences. It seems to pull us away from the cares of the world and bring us back to nature.

Log furniture brings art and beauty into the comforts of the modern day. It creates awe-inspiring décor with healthy doses of conversation. There is probably no better expression of the outdoors being brought in than through furniture created from the natural elements themselves.

This blog’s intention is to give the reader a general overview of the history of log furniture and the mechanisms of its current creation. It covers the basic terminology used in the log furniture world as well as some of the different materials. Its purpose is to bring enough understanding to the everyday consumer so that they can make a conscious and informed choice when purchasing log furniture of their own. It also covers details of the quality of good log furniture as well as the maintenance of it to ensure it is something that can be passed on for generations to come. 

Hopefully, this blog will provide enough information and detail to give consumers confidence as they sort through the many options before them. Our intent is to help readers find high-quality log furniture to grace their homes or cabins for many future years.